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Questions To Ask:

What can you realistically manage? — Fewer, high-quality updates made consistently will generally get better results than a higher number of low-quality ones.

What does your audience responds to? — Pay attention to your social media analytics as you go and tweak your frequency based on what works.

On social media, quality typically matters more than frequency.

We recommend 3-5 times a week for a smaller brand just starting out.

This consistency will create a well established brand slowly over time - with users slowly starting to engage in posts. The goal is to create posts that engage users and encourage them to share, comment, and like your brand message. The most important this is to keep the brand message cohesive... this is created through consistency and quality messages.

Stay tuned for more Social Media Best Practices posts & make sure if you haven't already, read our Brand Guidelines post to learn more about branding your self and/or business.

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